Full moon magic ceremony

You can harvest the power of the full moon and make your dreams a reality!

AND you can use the energy of the full moon to let go of everything that is no longer serves you!!

The full moon is perfect to celebrate what you have accomplished and it can help you manifest what you have been working on by releasing blockages that have been keeping you stuck. The power of the full moon helps illuminate your inner desires and feelings making it easier for you to see exactly what is happening in your energy field.

Because of this you will be guided into connecting to your own magic, desires and emotions. You get to relax and be in contact with your most intuitive part.

You will do this with the help of a visualization, journaling, singing, dancing, sound healing and much more!

Every full moon has a different energy and you will receive the information needed for you to be able to use the full moon’s energy to it’s full potential.

Join us and help create a safe space and a powerful sisterhood with like-minded souls.

Make sure you are arrive 15 minutes before the moon ceremony starts so you can energetically cleanse yourself and your space!

What you need to bring with you is:

-Pen and journal
-Your crystal of choice if you have any
-Instruments if you have any
-A white candle

Sundays 2024

26th of May
19th of June
21th of July
18th of August
15th of Sept
20th of October
17th of November

Price a person: 27.50 euro
Workshop starts 19:00u untill 20:30u
The tea is ready, bring along a towel to use studio mats.

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